Celtic 'Castro' hilltop

Celtic 'Castro' hilltop

The fort at the top of the Castro hilltop offers wonderful panoramic views of the area. From here we will explore the Celtic ‘castro’ settlement and discover what life was like for the inhabitants. This tour ends at the city´s symbolic Olive tree.

Who we are


We are a team of well experienced tourist guides who specialise in tours throughout the region of Galicia in diverse languages. What makes us different is our love and knowledge of the history, culture and traditions of our region and, more importantly, the personal enjoyment we get from showing each city, town and corner of our land to all who wish to discover it! As a result we offer a unique and unforgettable experience to each and every visitor.

All of our collaborators are fully qualified tour guides and certified by the Galician County Council.

What we offer

What we offer

Guided tours

We give personalised guided tours, adapted to the needs and requirements of our customers; routes of historical city centres, museums and monuments, cathedrals, the way to Santiago, etc.

Design and elaboration of routes

We also work on the design and elaboration of routes and specialised tourist leaflets when required.


We offer to assist and accompany groups of tourists travelling to and from airports.

Made to measure Galicia

If you want us to help you design and plan your stay in Galicia, if you are looking for something different or specialised that you can't find on our website, please don't hesitate in contacting us!

School groups

Guided tours for children focusing on different themes: nature, monuments and sculptures, architecture, fortresses, archeological sites...

Trade fairs and conferences

We offer personnel adept at using different languages to work in trade fairs, conferences and business tourism. We can provide Hospitality desks, personalised assistance...

New Tendencies

We offer specialised tours based on new trends within the tourism sector; such as culinary tourism, industrial tourism, nature tourism, architectural tourism, enotourism or cemetery tourism. Alternative, unconventional routes to lesser known destinations involving smaller groups of visitors.



Telediario T.V.E. Día de todos los santos

TVG. Día de todos los Santos

Cadena SER. Día de todos los Santos

Noticia Cadena SER

El País. Día de todos los santos

Noticia Cadena SER

Contraportada El País. Día de todos los Santos

Contraportada El País

Portada Faro de Vigo. Día de todos los santos

Portada Faro de Vigo